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Senior Management
  Chairman Henry J. Christ, III, CPCU
  President & CEO/Principal Norman F. Basso, CPCU
  Executive Vice President/Principal Steven P. Buterbaugh, CPCU, AAI
  Vice President/Principal John V. Dormuth, CPCU, ARM
  Vice President/Principal Jeffrey A. Glass, CLU, RHU, GBDS, REBC
  Vice President/Principal Frank E. Ebner, CIA
  Vice President/Principal Michael C. Harter, AIC, AIM
  Vice President/Principal John S. Olkowski, CIC, CRM, AAI
  Vice President of Operations/Principal Donna J. Roper
  Vice President Kevin R. Robbins, CIC
  Senior Vice President Dennis L. Lankford, CLU, ChFC
Client Management/Sales Executives
Commercial Lines Business Insurance Executive Tod L. Bergen, CPCU, CIC, CRM
  Business Insurance Executive David J. Chiaverini, CIC, AAI
  Business Insurance Executive Barbara K. Matthie, CPIA
  Business Insurance Executive Timothy M. Ziegler, CRIS
  Business Insurance Executive Kurt R. Gehman, CPCU
  Business Insurance Executive Melissa S. Mister, AIC, AIM
  Business Insurance Executive Brock G. Lytle
  Business Insurance Executive Gail J. Macharsky, CIC
  Surety Bond Executive Karen G. Mummert, AAI, CPIA
  Surety Bond Executive Justin M. Leisure, AFSB, RPLU
  Account Administrator/PBA Coordinator Erica J. Grimm, CIC, CISR
  Account Administrator/E&S Lines Coord. Jill R. Arnold
Benefits Senior Consultant - Benefits Steven J. Alger, CFS
  Senior Consultant - Benefits David S. Andrews, GBA
  Senior Consultant - Benefits Diane E. Lepson, CEBS, ACBC
  Senior Consultant - Benefits Kenneth G. Mazzie
  Senior Consultant - Benefits Brenda L. Snyder, GBA, HIA, PHIAS
  Senior Consultant - Benefits Deb Diamond, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
  Consultant - Benefits John T. Shingara, II, CEBS, GBDS
  Consultant - Benefits Shawn C. Russell, CSFS
  Consultant - Benefits Jennifer L. Dotzel
  Consultant - Benefits Jessica A. Miller
  Associate Consultant - Benefits Beth L. Cook, GBA
  Associate Consultant - Benefits April N. Eyet
  Associate Consultant - Benefits Sue A. Ravera
  Special Risk Programs Manager Leslie E. Heindel, CEBS
VFCA President/Principal Gary W. Warren, CPCU, ARM
  Vice President/Principal Jeffrey A. Grebe, ARM, CIC
  Vice President/Principal Eric A. Hebe, CIC
Select/Small Business
  Select Account Agent Patricia A. Derstler, CPCU, CIC
Commercial Lines Commercial Lines Manager Barbara K. Matthie, CPIA
  Client Services Supervisor Judith A. Whitecomb, CISR, CIC
Finance & Accounting Financial Manager Geoffrey S. Abendschoen
Benefits Operations Manager Laura N. Mercadante, GBA
Personal Lines Supervisor/Business Development Leader Lisa L. Oberdorf, CISR
Select Supervisor Lisa M. Farrell, CISR Elite
VFCA Client Services Supervisor Kristina I. Converse, CIC
Human Resources Human Resources Manager Jill B. Bernstein, PHR
Client Service
Commercial Lines New Business Client Services Administrator Barbara J. Golden, CPCU, CIC, AAI, AU
  Senior Client Service Agent Lori A. Hoff, AU, CISR, CPIA
  Senior Client Service Agent Cassandra L. Hoover, CISR, CPIA
  Senior Client Service Agent Rebecca J. Kennedy, CISR
  Senior Client Service Agent Stacey L. Olphin, CISR, CPIA
  Senior Client Service Agent Cynthia A. Miller, CISR Elite
  Senior Client Service Agent Cathy A. Berger, CIC, CISR, CPIA, CPIW, AINS, AIS, AAM
  Senior Client Service Agent Amanda J. Sides, CISR Elite
  Client Service Agent Ashlee N. Blouse, CISR
  Client Service Agent Melissa C. Moser
  Client Service Agent Amy L. Miller
  Client Service Agent Diana M. Myers, CISR
  Client Service Agent Rachel L. Shazak, CISR
  Client Service Agent Mandy L. Maher, CISR
  McConkey 24/7 Administrator Christine Desenberg
  Client Service Support Julie L. Miller
Bond Senior Client Service Agent Christina M.Haggerty, CISR
  Client Service Agent Lindsey N. Holby, CISR
Select Client Service Agent Ryan C. Dixon
Personal Lines Executive Client Service Agent Peggy A. Wackerman, CISR, AAI
  Client Service Agent Jody H. Czap, CISR
Claims & Risk Solutions Client Service Agent Christine S. Gipe, CISR
  Client Service Agent Sherree D. Hake, AIC, SCLA
  Risk Solutions Consultant Beth M. Hertzler, ARM
Benefits Client Services, Team Lead Denice A. Brenneman, PHIAS, HIA
  Client Service Coordinator Brenda S. Kemper, GBA
  Client Service Coordinator Jennifer L. Eckman, GBA
  Client Service Coordinator Amy L. Payne
  Client Service Coordinator Michelle M. Stetler
  Client Service Coordinator Gail M. Sheffer
  Client Service Coordinator Dana Szczepanski
  Client Service Coordinator Jessica A. Petr
  Client Service Coordinator Caroline E. Rothweiler
  Actuarial Associate Ryan W. Griffith
  Administrative Coordinator - Benefits Julie M. Shoff
VFCA Client Service Agent Michelle K. Mastrog, CISR
  Client Service Agent Trainee Anna M. Sackett
Finance & Accounting
  Finance & Accounting Assistant Amy L. Taylor
  Accounting Associate Mai P. Vo
  Senior Compliance Coordinator Cindy L. Innerst
  Network Administrator Melissa J. Musti, CISR
  Administrative Designer Yolanda Steinhauer
  Administrative Services Coordinator April L. Miller
  Administrative Coordinator Janelle A. Eckman
  Administrative Support Judith A. Snyder
  Receptionist Amanda Witmer
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