Jackie Shatzer

Jackie Shatzer

Technology Intern


Meet Jackie, our Technology Intern for the summer! This fall she will attend her final semester at Penn State’s York campus and will graduate with a degree in Information Sciences and Technology. 

While McConkey is Jackie’s first official internship, she worked closely with two nonprofit organizations during the Spring 2022 semester to complete functioning websites for each of them. 

Originally from Havre De Grace, Maryland, Jackie now resides in West York. Her hobbies include birdwatching, hiking, video games, studying traditional animation, illustrating wildlife and botanical life, cactus and succulent horticulture, zoology/botany, and jumping spider and tree frog care. Wow, talk about a variety of interests! 

Jackie and her husband Jackson volunteer by conducting wildlife surveys during their off time. 

Best Piece of Advice Ever Given to Jackie: Her Penn State Professor, Dr. William Cantor, taught Jackie how to better embrace new technological advancements by teaching her how to better adjust her mindset, rather than stressing herself out trying to memorize everything. Thanks, Dr. Cantor!