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A Testament to Our Core Values: 30 years later

By February 17, 2022No Comments

For more than 30 years, I have had the distinct opportunity to be part of McConkey and watch this wonderful organization grow. Throughout the years, I take pride in knowing we have always stayed strong and true to our core values. Even moving offices, many new team members, updating technology and services, and an entire pandemic couldn’t shake the core of who McConkey is and what we represent.

At McConkey, we strive to live by our core values. They aren’t just some list of arbitrary buzzwords on some page on the website. I’ve seen our team genuinely live and practice these ideals, and here is what they mean to me.

  • Excellence: We live our standard of excellence through always striving to do our best. We understand that people make mistakes, but as long as you can learn from your mistakes and become a better person, it’s okay. Mistakes help you to learn, grow, and achieve excellence. Learning from those mistakes helps us be better for our clients and for each other.
  • Relationships: We bond with our clients and each other. It’s always been important to me to cultivate relationships within and across divisions of our organization. I help to ensure that people are understanding of one another, but really, it’s our great team that makes the effort to become a stronger, more cohesive group. Having such strong relationships within McConkey really helps us to prioritize our clients and put their needs first.
  • Integrity: We always make a point to do the right thing for our clients, carriers, employees and community. We hold each other accountable and support each other as well. Our unique team structure, salary-based with profit sharing, allows us to focus on the client and do what is best for them.
  • Innovation: We strive to be an industry leader in terms of innovation. Whether it’s implementing new technology, offering new services or establishing new protocols, we are always looking for other ways to continuously innovate through our investments and time.
  • Experience: We are proud of the experience that our employees bring to the table. There are members of our team with more than 30 years of experience which is incredibly important in helping to train others. The collective experience that we have as an organization allows us to not only do just the standard coverages, but also some really complex coverages and specialty programs.
  • Teamwork: Everyone talks about teamwork, but McConkey truly breathes teamwork. It’s not a competition amongst ourselves, it’s a team effort to embody our core values. We strongly believe in mentoring and advising, bringing people together, and creating different synergies within the organization.


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