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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Homeowners

By November 22, 2021November 29th, 2023No Comments

As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s easy to become so distracted while preparing for the feast with friends and family that we forget about safety. In order to provide peace of mind, we’ve pulled together some safety tips to follow and prep your home this holiday. Let’s take a look at these ideas that will help all enjoy this thankful time of year.

Not Hosting Thanksgiving This Year?

If plans are to travel and be a great distance away for any length of time, take measures to keep your home safe while you’re gone. Consider asking a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home and mail until your return.  Deliveries and mail piling up are a sure way for burglars to know you’re not around. Another clue is thieves look for are social media posts that indicate you’re away. Wait until you’re back home to post those photos! It might be worth installing a security system or at least some exterior lights with motion sensors that will help ward off anyone with sticky fingers and bad intentions.

Preparing Your Home for Visitors

Before anyone arrives or any cooking begins, there are steps to take to prevent accidents and injuries while guests are on your property. The first is to make sure to test smoke alarms to know they are functioning properly. Additionally, clear pathways of any hazards that may cause someone to trip, steer children away from hot stoves or fireplaces and keep the outside of your home hazard-free. More on that here: Preparing Your Home For Fall Weather

The Best Meals are Prepared without Injury

Practicing safe habits in the kitchen is important year-round, but especially during holiday time. It seems everyone tends to gather around the kitchen making it a busier and more crowded space. In addition to more people, there are increased cooking utensils and equipment around than normal too. Keep the handles of your pots and pans turned toward the center of the stove so someone doesn’t bump them walking by. Make sure sharp knives, other dangerous utensils, extension cords, and crockpots or chafing dishes are pushed back and out of the way of small children.

If You Must Deep Fry Your Bird

According to the National Fire Protection Association, deep fryer fires are the second most common type of fires on Thanksgiving. The safest way to deep fry is to do it outside away from flammable materials and to not leave it unattended. In the event of a fire, you’ll want to make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy and know how to properly use it.

Serving Alcoholic Beverages

Be mindful of those who are drinking alcohol in your home on Thanksgiving. Not only should everyone be of legal drinking age, but it’s important that nobody leave and drive impaired. In fact, it is wise to monitor alcohol intake even for those who are not driving. Alcohol-related injuries are some of the most common reasons for emergency room visits on holidays.

Ensure You Are Adequately Covered in Case of an Accident

Try as we might to prevent every injury, there is always a chance of one. That’s why they call them accidents. Hopefully these safety tips will help prevent any accident from occurring and bring enjoyment to friends and family for a wonderful holiday. This is a good time to contact McConkey and check that your homeowner’s insurance policy offers proper coverage and protection. Our agents are ready to review your policy to determine any gaps in coverage and possibly save you money too!

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