We work to deliver accuracy and a more cohesive understanding of your cost drivers.

We are providing you a smarter solution for measuring the impact of your costs by putting your data to work. It’s more than just data. We are delivering targeted insight, and providing better direction to help mitigate financial risks going forward.
Our Services

Data Warehouse

Safe & Secure storage for your claims and enrollment data.

Health Analytics

Applying known analytics and forecasting to your data.

Health Intelligence

Powering that data with McConkey’s Analytics team to connect the dots and take action together.


The Health Intelligence platform with a world of insight at your fingertips.

Wellness Partner

A team of patient advocates to help gain clarity in navigating the health system and supporting covered employees and dependents on their wellness journey.

McConkey wants to help our clients and their employees in a culture of engagement with our findings in the data. This is more than checking off a box of things to do. It is much bigger – it is about their employee’s wellbeing. Creating a partnership in health with employees not only helps to reduce future claims costs, but it also increases productivity, decreases absenteeism and illustrates to employees that their health and wellbeing is a priority for the organization. Healthy minds and bodies are the catalyst to a successful working environment. Engagement is important for success.

There are three keys to successful mitigation of claims costs in the future: data transparency, collaboration between McConkey and the client and engagement between the client and employee. McConkey is not looking to provide more data, we are looking to provide better direction. We want to use our findings to help create a better future for our clients and their employees using data with Direction, Collaboration & Engagement.

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Frank Ebner, CIA

Frank Ebner, CIA
Executive Vice President / Principal


Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller
Manager, Data Analytics & Actuarial Services


Josh Barbaretta

Josh Barbaretta
Data Analyst