Our privacy policy.

Important information for your use of our website.

As a current client of E.K. McConkey & Co., Inc./McConkey Benefits & Financial Services, LLC, we would like to take this opportunity to both thank you for your business and share McConkey’s intentions for protecting the privacy of information that we gather from you and your employees.

We place a high value on the confidentiality of your personal information and please note that McConkey does not share your information with any unaffiliated third party. We feel so strongly about this that our employee manual states the following: “You are expected to handle ALL INFORMATION regarding our clients and our agency with the strictest of confidentiality. Our clients are our future. Information regarding our clients and our agency business is never to be discussed with any unauthorized party outside of our agency.”

The information we collect is necessary for us to adequately help meet your insurance and benefits needs and is usually required before an insurance company will evaluate your risk. We also expect the insurance companies that we represent to be compliant with privacy laws. We use a secure internet and e-mail provider to protect the confidentiality of electronic communications.

The information we collect falls into several categories:

  • Information received from you on applications and other forms
  • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others
  • Information we receive from a credit reporting agency
  • Information we receive from a medical information bureau
  • Information from other sources such as from the government or your employer

Again, we appreciate your business, and in order to continue building upon that relationship, we believe it is necessary, not only from a legal standpoint, but also as a sound business practice, that our clients understand the importance of how we handle your personal and private information. McConkey will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this privacy policy in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.