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5 Reasons Now is the Best Time for a Career in Insurance

By September 10, 2019November 27th, 2023No Comments

Whether you are re-entering the workforce after staying home for a while, just graduated college or looking for a change, there is no better time to consider a

career in insurance. Believe it or not, insurance is one of the most exciting industries to join. If you don’t consider it, you’re definitely missing out. Allow McConkey Insurance & Benefits to tell you why!

1. Insurance makes an impact.
It’s been said that more than 2 million individuals work in the insurance industry and that number continues to grow. Why? Insurance has a positive effect on the economy, for starters. In 2014, it was recorded that the insurance industry contributed more than $450 billion to the nation’s GDP. It makes sense, because without insurance, you cannot purchase a home or operate a business. Insurance encourages individuals and families to invest in themselves, helps businesses to thrive, creates jobs, and ultimately contributes to the community.

2. There is an immediate need for more insurance professionals.
The Silver Tsunami is among us. Baby Boomers have retired and continue to retire from the industry in waves. Their departure leaves open positions that need filled. In addition, because the insurance industry is growing, agencies also need to expand their workforce to keep up with demand.

3. There are no barriers to entry.
Unlike other career paths, the insurance industry doesn’t require specific degrees or certifications to get started. Especially because every single client is unique, much professional development takes place on the job. At McConkey, if a job candidate has the desire to learn, grow, make an impact and work as part of a team, we will cover all costs involved in earning licenses and designations, as well as continuing education.

4. Insurance is NOT boring.
Especially at an independent agency like McConkey, no two clients are alike. Because we offer such a breadth of products and services including commercial insurance, employee benefits, surety bonding and personal lines insurance, every single client receives a unique experience and solutions specifically for their circumstances.

5. The insurance industry is stable and growing.
Insurance has been described as the backbone of our country. Nearly every tangible part of our society is insured. Our homes, construction sites, hospitals, universities, manufacturing facilities, airports and vehicles… just to name a few. Every day, new risks are presented from which individuals, families and businesses must be protected. Thirty years ago, for example, cyber coverage didn’t exist and today it is a critical part of many commercial policies. Certainly in another thirty years there will other types of coverages that will be necessary, which we can’t even predict today.

At McConkey, we are always looking to grow our team with the best and brightest. If you are an energetic, driven team player looking to enter an exciting field that impacts families and businesses every day, consider submitting an application for an entry level position and joining our team!

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