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How Do I Make It Happen?

Part 3 of “Connecting People with a Business Focus” Blog Series

I have my network; I know the importance of adding value…now what?

Take simple steps when executing your plan to connect people with a business focus.

Make it a priority.
If you are like me, your days are hectic and stressful. You are juggling multiple projects and activities and feel like you’re constantly putting out fires. Yet despite how busy I am, I often still feel like I haven’t accomplished a single thing. Here is an opportunity to not only cross something off your to-do list, but come away feeling positive and productive for helping others in a way they most likely didn’t expect. You start to look forward to it to where it becomes a healthy distraction from your daily grind. Just writing this gets me motivated!

Begin by casually searching your network.
Look for two people you think should know each other. Don’t overthink it. Many times it’s those you feel might get the least from the other that benefit the most. You are the facilitator. Make the introduction and get out of the way.

Make it mutually beneficial.
This makes certain each person is motivated to participate. More importantly, as we said in the first of this series, it allows your personal connections to feel confident you have their best business interests in mind. This is invaluable.

Play to their strengths and personalities.
We all know the value of emphasizing one’s strengths. Maybe just as important is matching up personalities. Chances are, if someone’s earned their way into your network, they are likely to share common personality traits with you and therefore others in your circle of influence. We do it at McConkey all the time, namely aligning each member of our service team to better complement our client.

Don’t be exclusive; it’s okay to share the love.
Many of us have multiple connections who share the same profession. Accountants, attorneys, bankers and even other insurance brokers come to mind. It may seem only natural and practical to connect only one CPA exclusively to others in your network. However, depending on the circumstances, one size may not fit all. Because you know attorneys who specialize, you can make connections to benefit both parties thereby elevating your credibility.

Be unforgettable.
By making connections for others in your network, you become someone your clients and prospects look forward to hearing from. There may be no better compliment, especially as you grow your own business. These same connections who you’ve helped are now your greatest source for referrals and introductions. If you focus on helping others grow, it will come back to you many times over. The key is to be strategic and consistent. And above all, have fun with it. If you do, you’ll be amazed how positive of an experience it can be!

Dave Chiaverini, CIC, AAI

Author Dave Chiaverini, CIC, AAI

Business Insurance Executive

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