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KPA and McConkey Insurance & Benefits Partner to Help Clients’ Workplace Safety and Compliance

By September 23, 2022No Comments
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Today, McConkey Insurance & Benefits and KPA announced a partnership providing McConkey’s clients the ability to access the KPA Risk Management Center. Effective September 15, McConkey’s Risk Solution clients have the ability to access to the leading online compliance and safety management platform at a discounted rate, allowing them to conduct a wide variety of safety and compliance measures, including:

  • Complete and track facility safety audits from templated or customer-developed audit forms
  • Conduct and document incident investigations
  • Document employee safety observations
  • Track open items identified for correction from safety audits, incident investigations and employee safety observations
  • Track and streamline Certificates of Insurance (COI) management for vendors and contractors
  • Manage Safety Data Sheets
  • Maintain the organization’s OSHA 300 log
  • Memorialize and report Safety Committee activities and meetings
  • Deliver safety training via a learning management system or safety videos
  • Conduct toolbox talks from a large safety resource library
  • Complete Job Hazard Analyses
  • Develop customized policies from policy templates
  • Upload photos and videos supporting safety activities
  • Access Human Resources best practice templates, training, news alerts and expert advice

The Risk Management Center (RMC) is a cost-effective risk reduction and safety tool that helps you improve workplace safety by creating effective risk management programs. Provided by McConkey, RMC will help clients automate manual processes, expand efficiencies, improve compliance systems, and continually develop your safety programs to reduce workplace injuries and associated costs. As a cloud-based platform, it stores and distributes key safety information across an organization’s network and improves the organization’s efficiency by eliminating the manual processes involved in paper and spreadsheet documentation and saving time. RMC utilizes award-winning compliance training to help employees improve their performance and memory of critical information as well as compliance tracking for a variety of safety-related tasks helping to improve program consistency and ultimately reduce the risk of injury. A significant number of McConkey’s clients are insured through a loss sensitive insurance program, so this will have an impact on lowering their total cost of risk.

For more information, please contact our Risk Solutions Consultant, Steve McCarty, or another member of your McConkey Service Team.

Tim Ziegler, CRIS

Author Tim Ziegler, CRIS

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