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Employee Benefits

Healthcare Innovation—A Quickly Evolving Landscape

By May 8, 2023June 22nd, 2023No Comments

$3,000,000.  One health plan member, a single-dose treatment designed to alter the progression of neurologic dysfunction by a progressive, irreversible, and fatal ultrarare disease.

Introduced by bluebird bio and known as Skysona, this gene therapy treats male children between the ages of 4 -17 with early, active cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy (cALD).  In September, Skysona joined a small list of early approvals by the FDA which expects to endorse at least 50 gene and cell therapies by 2025, driving a $13 billion market.  Many employers are wondering how their healthcare programs would respond to these new types of treatment and what would be the impact to the rest of their population.

Designing and purchasing employee health benefits has never been more challenging, or more important.  No single strategy or complement of approaches will fit all employers.  New insights into care delivery models, reimbursement strategies, consumer behaviors, social influences of health, and robust venture-capital-backed market entrants are offering novel methods to engage employees and the provider community while making benefit designs more effective.

Thought-leaders, like McConkey, are working diligently to—

  • Measure the impact of efforts to increase healthcare value and understand the efficacy of various cost containment efforts
  • Define organizational value based on a detailed understanding of employee populations, local market conditions, and strategy
  • Deploy insights from behavioral economics to improve employee/member health, while expanding access points to meet an evolving consumer
  • Advance from traditional annual renewal management toward effective, long-term strategic benefit solutions

Effective consultants work with clients to curate a leading-edge portfolio of employee benefits and human resource solutions—built to empower a healthy, productive, and secure workforce—while delivering an enhanced opportunity for clients to attract and retain desirable talent.

It’s not enough for organizations to simply offer the latest employee benefits product, those firms succeeding in the war for talent build holistic strategies to optimize employee health and wellbeing—engineering a curated benefits offering focused on keeping employees healthy to work, focused at home, and prepared to retire.

At McConkey, we’re excited to be incubating meaningful change with our client-partners to successfully navigate the challenges ahead and we’d welcome the opportunity to roll up our sleeves with you to do the same.

Brian Orsinger

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