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Pet Fire Safety

By July 15, 2021November 27th, 2023No Comments

As National Pet Fire Safety Day approaches, we wanted to provide you with some safety tips to help protect your family members, including the furry and scaly ones! Here is a list of just a few things that you can do:  

  • Install smoke detectors and test them each month. 
  • Have a fire evacuation plan that includes your pets. 
  • Know where your pets hide and sleep. 
  • Pet-proof your home 
    • Keep pets away from open flames, countertops, stoves, space heaters, and lights. 
    • Keep pets away from chimneys and fireplaces. 
    • Make sure all wires are out of your pet’s reach. If your pet chews through electrical wires and you have electrical problems, have a professional check. 
  • Have a rescue alert sticker on the main entrance to your house so that rescuers know there are animals in the house. If a pet is trapped in your house, let a rescuer know. To get a free rescue alert sticker, click here and fill out ASPCA’s form. 
  • Find pet-friendly locations for your pet to stay if you are unable to return to your home. For example, boarding kennels, animal shelters that have emergency shelter space, pet-friendly hotels/motels, friends, or family. 
  • Know where you can take your pet if they become injured in an emergency. 
  • Make sure your pet is identifiable via a collar with tags or microchip if they escape during an emergency. 
  • Have an emergency kit, for ideas, check out the ASPCA’s list here.

This information was provided by the ASPCA and the NFPA. For more information, check out this ASPCA flyer or this NFPA Flyer.  

Kurt Gehman, CPCU

Business Insurance Executive 717-505-3178

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