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Weirdest, Yet Eligible, Expenses for Health Savings Accounts

By September 15, 2020November 27th, 2023No Comments
Health Savings Account ( HSA ) coin jar with piggy bank

Are you curious of HSA eligible expenses? Remember unlike your FSA, you do not need to spend down your HSA accounts each year as these accounts’ rollover year after year. If you are not sure, check with your Human Resources team or your tax accountant for guidance. Happy tax free shopping!

  1. Acupuncture – This is 100% a qualified expense from your HSA account, so go for it. Make an appointment to be pricked by a needle that is.
  2. Artificial Teeth & Sealants – If you can prove this is for a medical reason and NOT cosmetic, go for it and swipe your card. Make those chompers enhance your smile.
  3. Compression Hosiery, Sleeves & Socks – Do your feet and legs swell when flying or sitting for long periods of time? As long as the compression rating is 30-40 mmHg or above, pick out a fancy designed pair rather than plain old black or beige.
  4. Dog Food & Treats for Fido – Is your favorite companion a Certified Guide Dog? Expenses associated to caring for your fur baby guide are covered under your HSA – training and maintaining – anything specific to their health and vitality is reimbursable to you.
  5. Fluoridation Services – Treatments related to fluoride are eligible, if suggested by your doctor and not covered on your dental or you do not have a dental plan. Strengthen those pearly whites!
  6. Lasik – If a prescription is written for the purpose of correcting your eyesight in one or both, go for it! See the savings!
  7. Motion Sickness Wristbands – If you call shotgun second and are prone to needing a bag in the backseat, stop by the local pharmacy and grab yourself a wristband. You will now be road trip worthy.
  8. Lip Balm – SAY WHAT? Fancy sun care lip balm with a sun protectant of SPF 15 or higher is an eligible expense! Splurge on the Banana Boat brand and protect your lips from the harsh rays of the sun and salt!
  9. Babies – As if! I mean baby supplies, just about anything except for those diapers! You think you are pregnant, buy the test. You want to deliver at home, research and interview yourself a mid-wife. That breast pump that will make your life so much easier to return to work or step out for a few hours, get the one you want.
  10. Shipping Charges – As long as they are associated with the delivery of the item or prescription conveniently delivered to your doorstep. You heard me right: tax free.
  11. Transportation – If you have to rent a car, take a bus, use UBER, fly (don’t forget those compression socks), pay tolls to get you to the medical facility specific for your medical care, save yourself a little money. You are clear for takeoff. It is advised that you speak to your accountant for the specifics of this one.
  12. Contraceptives – Condoms and contraceptives are covered.
  13. Pill Boxes – Need to organize and remind yourself what medication or vitamins need to be taken and when?
  14. Handicap License Plate – The additional cost associated with obtaining the handicapped license plate is covered, but be sure to check your state specifically for this fee.
  15. Hot & Cold Packs – Muscles hurt, fractured shoulder, cramps, grab the temperature pack for your muscles to relax, your blood flow to improve or decrease your swelling.
As with all things tax related, please be sure to seek guidance from your accountant or other tax professional for specific guidance. This information is not considered tax guidance.
April Eyet

Consultant – Benefits 717-505-3138

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