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Work Zone Safety Awareness

By March 31, 2023June 22nd, 2023No Comments

Warmer weather is upon us, and with that comes an increase in construction work zones. Construction work zones are an essential part of maintaining and upgrading our roads and infrastructure. There are hundreds of preventable fatalities each year involving work zone accidents. Construction workers are putting their lives at risk to improve the roads that we all travel on. Many lives could be saved if drivers would follow these tips. We encourage everyone to slow down and save a life. Here are some essential tips for drivers to follow to ensure that everyone remains safe while navigating construction work zones.


Slow Down

The first and most important tip for drivers entering a construction work zone is to slow down. Reduced speed limits are often posted in work zones, and it’s crucial to adhere to them. Slow down to a safe speed that allows you to navigate the work zone and react to any potential hazards.


Pay Attention

Stay alert and focused while driving through a work zone. Keep your eyes on the road, avoid distractions like phones or radios, and be aware of other drivers around you. Signs and traffic cones will help guide you through the work zone, so pay attention to them.


Follow Directions

Follow the instructions of traffic control personnel, flaggers, and posted signs in the work zone. They are there to keep you and everyone else safe, so obeying their directions is crucial.


Use Four-Way Flashers and Headlights

Use four-way flashers when stopping in traffic or traveling slowly on the highway. This will alert other drivers of stopped traffic ahead and allow them to slow down in time. Using headlights in posted work zones is also a requirement in many states.


Keep a Safe Distance

Maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. Construction work zones often have sudden stops or changes in traffic flow, so keeping a safe distance will give you more time to react. Avoid tailgating and be prepared to stop suddenly if necessary.


Expect the Unexpected

Be prepared for unexpected obstacles or changes in traffic flow in work zones. Stay alert and be ready to react to any sudden changes. Construction work zones can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to be prepared for anything.


Be Patient

Construction work zones can be frustrating, but it’s important to remain patient. Delays and detours are a part of the process, and they’re necessary to ensure the safety of workers and drivers. Keep a positive attitude, follow the rules, and be patient.


In conclusion, construction work zones can be a hazard, but by following these essential tips, you can reduce your risk of causing an accident. Remember to slow down and stay safe!


Steve McCarty

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