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It’s “Get to Know Your Customers Day” and we’d love to turn the spotlight to some of our clients for their opinions on what it’s like to work with our team:

  • Gary Houck, Houck Group
    • “We’ve been with McConkey about 25 years. I think they’re the elite in the insurance industry. They’re responsive. If I look for people, I look for ones with character and integrity and everyone at McConkey demonstrates just that.”
  • Lesli Diamond, Ratner Co.
    • “The whole team is full of good people. There’s a commitment to us as a client and we feel important. Questions are answered quickly and honestly, no hyperbole. We are given the true story and we can take it to the bank. McConkey is always acting in our best interest.”
  • Matt Shorb, REH Holdings
    • “We don’t care to work with anyone else. When we have issues, McConkey is always there. They are very engaged in the captive. They know all the moving parts. Responses are quick. They are advocates and educators and tend to be ahead of trends.”
  • Kirby Sensenig, Sensenig
    • “Everybody has been very responsive and professional. I have no complaints. McConkey has provided the education beyond the “sales song and dance” we saw before. I wanted to know what the catch was and McConkey opened my eyes to see there really wasn’t one. The only catch was putting our safety as a priority.”
  • Bob Criste, Stephenson Equipment
    • “McConkey has been great. They are certainly the region’s captive expert and do a great job of helping you through the transition into a captive. Then once you are in, they attend all of the board meetings and are very visible. We would not be in a captive if it weren’t for McConkey.”

We couldn’t do our work without our phenomenal clients, so we are sending a big thank you to all of our clients for continuing to work with us!

McConkey Insurance and Benefits

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