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Well-Being 101: Mental Well-Being

By April 23, 2019November 27th, 2023No Comments

Well-being seems to be the latest buzzword in the healthcare industry, especially as it applies to employee group health. One major element of well-being is mental well-being, and there are tips employers can share with their workforce to prioritize it.

It’s estimated that 80% of Americans report feeling stressed at work. Stress affects your mental health, but it can show itself in other ways too. Back pain, poor focus and headaches can all be symptoms of stress. While it may not be possible to eliminate all of the stressors in your employees’ lives, there are plenty of ways you can urge them to reduce feeling overworked while on the job. Recognizing the signs of stress is the first step to improving health.

Encourage your employees to implement these strategies when they’re feeling stressed:

  • Plan and prioritize your most important responsibilities.

  • Limit interruptions so you don’t have to refocus each time you’re distracted. Some ways to limit distractions include using a do-not-disturb function on your phone or blocking off time in your calendar to finish a project.
  • Inquire about the company’s EAP (Employee Assistance Program). If you’re going through chronic stress and don’t know what to do, an EAP can help you get back on the right track.
  • Take breaks to keep your stress under control.
  • Take time off from work to clear your mind.

  • Talk to your manager about your stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, they’ll be able tohelp you rebalance your workload if necessary.
  • Try listening to music to help you calm down.

If you’re interested in improving your employees’ well-being…
Stick around, as we will elaborate on each of the four concepts of well-being in a blog series. These are all initiatives valuable to maintaining and retaining an overall healthy workforce.

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